Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Industrial Arena

Hey guys

Just thought I would share a few shots of an industrial building conversion into a small venue I did a few months back.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Perry Park completed

A night view of the main stand with the roof open. This rendering shows the upper tier partially covered by a fabric banner. This reduces the capacity to 13,547 and improves the appearance of the venue during games.

A day view looking west with the roof open

A street level view facing west.

A view of the site facing the northwest. There's nearly 200 parking spaces to the east of the site.

A view from the Bill Waddell Stand with the roof open during the day

And the same view with the roof closed.

A roof closed view from the top of the main stand

And the same view at night.

A view of the site from the southwest

An aerial view of the site from the north with the roof closed.

A top view of the site

A view of the pitch from the home end.
Total capacity of the site is 18111 seats, with 48 disabled spaces and 30 closed boxes.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunshine Coast Stadium upgrade

Good morning to all of my followers, and happy new year to you all. I hope you all enjoyed your breaks.

Today I present the proposal for the upgrade of the Sunshine Coast Stadium. Work is ongoing on the site at the moment, building three new 8.5m tall hills around the pitch. This is showing off my (basic) interpretation of those plans. Coming soon on my blog is a proposal for further upgrade on the site, turning it into a seated venue. This is far from a real proposal - just demonstrating how it works.

The view from the east of the grandstand.

Overhead view of the site

Angled view from the southeast

View from the top of the northern hill, underneath the 36sqm videoboard.

A view from the sixth row of the grandstand - really shows off how high those hills are

Angled view from the southwest

A view from the east of the venue at 2m elevation. One of the common criticisms of the venue is the strong easterly breeze that blows across the pitch. These hills will help immensely to reduce the effect of that for both players and spectators.